Meri-Lapin SETA ry (Sea Lapland’s SETA ry)  is human rights organization and citizen advocacy group for sexual- and gender minorities. We strive to improve the circumtances of those groups in question in Sea Lapland’s area. This region consist of Kemi, Keminmaa, Tornio, Tervola, Simo, Ylitornio and also Haparanda.

Our goal is to become visible part of the Sea Lapland and thus leave a positive impact in general athmosphere and attitudes. At the moment our group’s activity focuses on Kemi and Tornio, but our goal is to expand to other towns too.

Meri-Lapin SETA ry was founded on equality day 19th of March in 2011. Organization has been part of the National Seta since 2015.

Are you interesting in collaboration or being part of the organization? We are constantly seeking for new members, actives and volunteers for organizing events and new groups.

Contact us! Here is our contact information:

merilapinseta@gmail.com (main email)

pj.merilapinseta@gmail.com (Chairman’s email)


Groups are meant for those who are part of sexual- and/or gender minorities, those who don’t label themselves and for our friends. In the groups everyone’s privacy and right to define themselves is respected. You don’t have to be a registered member to attend a group meetings.

When and where we’ll meet you can check from our facebook page. All posts will be public so you don’t have to join the site to see them.


Kemi’s open group

Group for everyone meets once or twice a month on Fridays 17.00 o’clock.

Meetings are mostly about spending time together in a friendly and open environment or other activities. As the name suggests group is open for everyone regardless participant’s age.

Becoming a member

By becoming a member of our organization you support the association’s activities and you can affect the organizations decisions at our autumn and spring meetings. Membershipcard also gets you benefits and discounts at all Seta’s events.

We use Flomember register.

If you wish to resign you can leave the resignation papers at Flomember.

Private person

Join here

20€/year for working people

10€/year for students and others

  1. After filling the form above you’ll receive membership fee bill to your email
  2. After paying you’ll receive activation link in the email
  3. You can download a membership card at Flomember.

Hox! Use your active e-mail, because newsletters and many other forms of communication is happening through e-mail.

Supporter membership for organization and companies

As a supporter you’re part of supporting an important activity and promoting positive image of Sea Lapland. Every supporter company’s or organization’s logo will be displayed at our website as a supporter of equality and parity.

Join Here

The fee is 40€/year

After paying the fee message us at merilapinseta@gmail.com. Send your contact info and image file containing your company’s/organization’s logo.

Logo will appear on the website in a couple of weeks.


IBAN: FI21 8000 1571 081935

Reference number: 3214
Permit receiver: Seta ry
Permit number: (RA/2019/640)
Implementation time:1.1.2020 – 31.12.2021

Implemetation area: Entire Finland excluding Åland.

Purpose of the funds raised: The funds raised will be used for Meri-Lapin Seta ry’s human rights work, social and educational activities, peer support activities, youth work, communication, services, community activities and other activities supporting human rights work. Proceeds are used, for example, to organize events (such as Pride), themed workshops and camp activities.
Date of use of the funds: The funds collected will generally be used in the calendar year in which they were collected. However, in special circumstances, the funds may be used within two calendar years of the donation.

Donate with MobilePay


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  • Scan QR-code at Mobilepay
  • Or enter this information into the app:
  • MobilePay-number: 16503

  • message: 500092